Fashion trends change with every season, bringing with it new designs, styles and accessories. Bangles and bracelets were once considered two very different types of wrist wear, where bracelets always created a perception of something small and delicate designed in neutral colors while bangles were thought of as flashy, multi-colored and vivid piece of jewelry. For a long time bracelets were in fashion as people went for more subtle looks but not anymore. Latest trends and fashion shows reveal that bangles are the new bracelets and we couldn’t agree more!

Bangles are extremely popular in the Asian culture, especially in India and Pakistan where no celebration is complete without colorful bangles made of glass or steel. Finding matching bangles on Eid or Holi are a must. Wedding preparations are not complete without finding the right bangles to match each dress. Older women often prefer to wear plain gold bangles and look pretty for every eye. Bangles are not only a fashion statement but have certain significance in many cultures. For example in Asian culture (especially Pakistan and India) golden bangles are worn by married women while the unmarried girls wear glass bangles. Western designers have altered the designs of bangles according to the western trends. For instance, many jewelry designer brands design bangles in diamonds or gold or platinum. Young girls prefer to wear glittery bangles in neutral colors like black, silver or bronze while some prefer bright solid colors like red, orange, yellow and pink etc.

What kind of jewelry a person wears tells a lot about their personality. Bangles represent joy, happiness, freedom etc. Even colors are of significance for instance green is associated with luck while red symbolizes energy. Even if one doesn’t believe in this kind of stuff, bangles are simply a must have to add a little color and vivacity to you outfit. Bangles can increase your splendor like nothing else. Imagine a young girl, dressed in a plain yet stylishly cut black evening gown. Her hair tied up in an elegant bun and she is wearing not one piece of jewelry, except a platinum and diamond bangle and looking breathtaking. She is a vision, a mystery, inviting admirers and yet warning them to not get too close. That one piece of jewelry changes her entire outlook, creating an aura of power, class and sophistication. What could a woman desire more for the world thrives on a mystery. So to all the ladies out there, buy yourselves some exotic looking bangles and jazz up that look of yours without having to change your entire wardrobe or spending too much money. Just buy some good old fashioned bangles and you are ready to go out and have a great time. For as they say ‘old is gold’.