Why Are Diamonds So Valuable?

          Why are diamonds so valuable?
One of the most expensive jewelry that one can possess is diamonds. Known for their beauty, durability and rarity, diamonds are the ultimate sign of wealth, class and sophistication. One of the major reasons why diamonds are so expensive is because it is the hardest naturally occurring material; it […]

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Hoops, Studs, or Dangle earrings and how to wear your hair with each one

Hoops, Studs, or Dangle earrings and how to wear your hair with each one
Women always want to look their best and a lot of effort goes into getting just the right look. All the elements like your make-up, dress, jewelry and hairdo needs to be perfectly in sync with one another. Thus, the earrings […]

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What does your birthstone say about you?

The concept of birthstones goes back years and years and is quite popular in the 21st century. Birthstones are gemstones that accompany a birth month, each having a unique meaning and historical significance.

January (GARNET)
Garnet is a beautiful stone, mined in different colors. It signifies eternal friendship, loyalty and trust and can be a perfect […]

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Are bangles the new bracelet?…

Fashion trends change with every season, bringing with it new designs, styles and accessories. Bangles and bracelets were once considered two very different types of wrist wear, where bracelets always created a perception of something small and delicate designed in neutral colors while bangles were thought of as flashy, multi-colored and vivid piece of […]

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Jewelry Essentials – What a lady needs in her jewelry box

From the moment we girls can walk and talk, we are fascinated by the twinkling ornaments that our mothers or our elder sisters wear and we can’t wait to grow up. However, despite our shared love for any and all sorts of jewelry, there are some particular items that are our favorite. Some people […]

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Is Jewelry A Good Investment?

     Jewelry as an investment
In times where financial and stock markets are unpredictable, people are always looking to make a sound, long term investment either as a part of their retirement plan or for their children. Most of the people have limited funds and are more inclined to invest in something that is low […]

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Jewelry 101

A little history on Jewelry

For centuries, women have adorned beautiful jewelry to flaunt their beauty and grace, from the coasts of the Nile to the lands of Asia. Jewels once being an item that only the nobility could afford, centuries later became a necessity for women all around the world as a form […]

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