Hoops, Studs, or Dangle earrings and how to wear your hair with each one

Women always want to look their best and a lot of effort goes into getting just the right look. All the elements like your make-up, dress, jewelry and hairdo needs to be perfectly in sync with one another. Thus, the earrings you wear and how you style your hair, has a great impact on your outlook.

If you have short, pixie hair or a bob cut, the best earrings that would complement your face and hair are dangles. This is because your hairs are short thus they don’t highlight your bone structure so you need something to frame your face. Dangles will not only make your cheekbones look more prominent but also bring focus to your eyes and draw them upwards and towards your face. They especially go well with tube tops and casual jeans. For ladies who like to tie up their hair in buns, dangles and chandeliers would perfectly complement your outlook. Dangles are a must when going out to a formal dinner party. So just tie up your hair in an elegant bun and adorn a pair of dangles or chandeliers and you are ready!

As for ladies who have long, luscious hair should definitely go for studs or clusters. Clusters are made up of different stones and materials and just because they aren’t dangling from the earlobe doesn’t mean they aren’t bold and beautiful. Dangling earrings usually get stuck or tangled up in hair and studs or flower clusters are just perfect to look chic and classy. They are a perfect winter look; imagine you are wearing diamond studs and a black leather jacket. Now that is a fashion statement! Also studs would look gorgeous with half way tied hair. Flaunt those beautiful waves and let your earring take a back seat.

If you are one of those people who love to wear big hoops, a side braid is highly recommended to you. One can never go wrong with a stylish side braid and diamond encrusted hoops. However if your braid is a little more messy and informal then you should opt for colored stones and not just silver or gold hoop earrings. Hoops create a certain hip-hop look and make a bold fashion statement. They are also a great piece of jewelry to be worn if you want to go for a casual look. So if you are going out for a quick drink with your friends just twist and clip your hair and add a pair of those dazzling earrings and you are good to go.

Whatever the case, one should always wear earrings that complement their bone structure and hairdo. Getting the combination wrong would just might ruin a perfectly good outfit. So ladies, the next time you dress up, take a minute and see what earrings go best with that gorgeous hair of yours.