Jewelry as an investment

In times where financial and stock markets are unpredictable, people are always looking to make a sound, long term investment either as a part of their retirement plan or for their children. Most of the people have limited funds and are more inclined to invest in something that is low risk. Now we all know that real estate, stocks etc. are highly volatile and one can go from prince to a pauper if they have invested in stocks and the market collapses. Gold in form of bricks or jewelry as a form of investment is the least risky and has distinct advantages to it than other commodities.

Firstly, gold has a universal value attached to it. Due to many complex reasons involving how the world markets work the price of gold is set and not subject to a lot of fluctuation, or in technical terms the price of gold is fixed against dollar or any major currency and not floating. This allows people to invest without the fear that they might wake up the next morning and have nothing left. Although, there may be minor fluctuations over a period of time, but at the end of the day you will always get a good return on your investment. It is precisely this reason why most of the family heirlooms are in the form of jewelry. The elite and the royalty take pride in their jewels and the older and unique a piece of jewelry is, the more its value increases over time. So for instance, if your great grandmother has a ruby necklace bought during World War I and it has been in the family for generations, its value today (in 2015) will be much more than at what it was purchased for. Pieces of jewelry often have stories and events attached to them and thus these mysteries that surround the jewels are what increase its value making them an exceedingly good investment. We often see a century old piece of jewelry that once belonged to some duchess or a princess being auctioned at millions of dollars which sounds like a pretty good investment to me.

Investing in jewelry will protect you in times of inflation as gold has an intrinsic value attached to it which doesn’t fall the same way as cash does. It is a safe bet for people who have limited money to invest. Another reason why people prefer to invest in jewelry is that they can enjoy their investment at the same time. Using jewelry in no way diminishes its value over time and so you can enjoy them for a while and sell them later at the time of your choosing or keep them for your children and grandchildren. So you see it is far wiser to invest in jewels rather than stocks or currency for all the reasons mentioned above, but most importantly, it is a form of investment that can bring you both profit and pleasure.

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