From the moment we girls can walk and talk, we are fascinated by the twinkling ornaments that our mothers or our elder sisters wear and we can’t wait to grow up. However, despite our shared love for any and all sorts of jewelry, there are some particular items that are our favorite. Some people like big glittering rings, while others prefer small elegant bands. Some people like a teardrop for their earrings while others like to wear big hoops. Some ladies out there believe that a small pendent is the ultimate sign of grace and dignity, while the more daring ones go for huge chunky necklaces. Whatever, the preference, I think there are some items that every girl should have in her jewelry box.

Every girl should have a few simple, yet elegant rings for all times and occasions. For instance, a silver band with a diamond or a zircon on top, or a small cluster of stones in shape of a flower sounds like a perfect ring. Hands are one of the most prominent features and wearing beautiful rings can enhance their beauty and grace. For the more daring ones, large rings with big gems like an opal or a turquoise are a must have. Next up is an item that one should definitely have in their jewelry box; bracelets. Bracelets are the most stunning jewelry item as not only they add color and sparkle to your outfit but completely transform it. For instance, you have to go to a dinner with friends’ right after office. Well to jazz up your look from formal to something trendy and fun all you need is a bracelet with vivid colors and you’re ready! It doesn’t matter what type of bracelet you have; it can be a chunky bracelet with multi-colored stones or a simple gold or silver with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. For ladies who are looking for something different yet sophisticated and classy, a diamond/zircon and a sapphire bracelet is highly recommended. Exquisitely made, bangles are a necessary item in your jewelry box.

Last but not the least, let us not forget earrings. Earrings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, colors and designs and it is completely up to the person of what type of earrings they prefer. However, every woman should have at least one pair of pearl drop and a set of diamond earrings. They are simple, yet stylish and add a certain class to your outfit. For the social butterflies, dangling earrings or otherwise known as chandeliers are must have for evening dresses and dinner parties. Suspended by a chain or a set of stones, these earrings are bound to make you the highlight of the evening. So ladies, it’s time to stock up your jewelry boxes with these three must haves; earrings, rings and bracelets. The color, design and the style doesn’t matter as long as it looks beautiful to you and makes you feel amazing, bold and a class apart.