The concept of birthstones goes back years and years and is quite popular in the 21st century. Birthstones are gemstones that accompany a birth month, each having a unique meaning and historical significance.

January (GARNET)
Garnet is a beautiful stone, mined in different colors. It signifies eternal friendship, loyalty and trust and can be a perfect gift to a friend. For those born in January you are drawn to excitement and strength. You are a possessor of a bold personality and you never back down from a challenge. Friendship, loyalty and trust are your strongest characteristics.

February (AMETHYST)
You my dear amethysts are one unique bird. You are the happy go lucky type and you never hide your true self from anyone. Being genuine is what you believe in and you are very lovable. Amethysts are so honest that one can even overlook their faults. They are multi-talented and can juggle multiple things at the same time.

Aquamarines will be some of the bravest people you would ever know. They are quite adventurous and have a courageous heart. Being an aquamarine, you are good at keeping all the negative energy out of your life and you have an excellent ability to find peace of mind in any situation. Aquamarines usually have a very mild and tranquilized nature.

All those born in April should feel proud to be represented by a stone that is the king of all gems. Just like diamonds, these people are both tough and sparkling. They tend to stand out in a crowd and dazzle the world with their charming personality and charms but it would be a mistake to confuse them with being fragile! Diamonds represent clarity and abundance and people are often jealous of their near perfect life.

Who doesn’t like emeralds? As an emerald you have a very easygoing nature and are at peace with yourself. You have an excellent intuition and can read people very quickly thus it is very hard to deceive an emerald. You are always pushing yourself to try something new and you strive to keep growing as a person.

Just like the stone, you are a natural. You are the kind of person who is quite happy with whom you are and are not often influenced by your peers. You always tend to follow your heart and do the right thing. Pearls always have a clear direction and know what they want to do.

Rubies love to be in charge and establish their dominance over others, whatever the case. They strive on power and influence and would move heaven and earth to get what they want especially in the matters of the heart. Of all the types they are the most goal-oriented.

Peridots hate to bind themselves to anything and are famous for being broad thinkers and often have a unique take on problems. Being a huge fan of new beginnings, they strive on change. Peridots bring vitality to relationships and they can simply turn around anything.

September (SAPPHIRES)
Being my personal favorite stone, sapphires are the seekers of truth, no matter how impossible the task is. And surprisingly they believe truth to be constantly changing and thus are always on a journey to find it. Sapphires bring clarity to things and especially relationships and are very loyal and honest to their loved ones.

October (OPALS)
People associated with opals are very optimistic and simple at heart. They are the most genuine people you will ever come across. They are open to making new friends and are very caring and loving. Being a big daydreamer they believe that anything is possible.

November (TOPAZ)
Being a topaz, you are a one tough cookie. Fair-mined and honest to the point of bluntness you have a clear sense of right and wrong. You are very goal oriented and know how to put things in perspective. You try to avoid drama and value your independence.

December (TURQUIOSE)
Your imagination knows no bounds. You are the creative sort and love to inspire and be inspired. You are not exactly the type to live a conventional life and somehow, it works for you. Unique and unforgettable you don’t care what the world thinks about you!