112avitan A little history on Jewelry

For centuries, women have adorned beautiful jewelry to flaunt their beauty and grace, from the coasts of the Nile to the lands of Asia. Jewels once being an item that only the nobility could afford, centuries later became a necessity for women all around the world as a form of expressing their individuality and to outshine in the male dominant society. In present time, jewelry is not only considered as a way to enhance ones’ splendor but as a sound form of investment. It is considered one of the most precious and prized heirlooms in families especially the aristocracy and the elite and why not? The rarer a piece of jewelry is the more valuable it becomes and the person who owns such pieces becomes a mystery, an enigma for the world. The crown jewels are not only the heirlooms of the royal family but they represent power and prestige and have been in the family for decades.It is a form of investment that does not fall in monetary value while stocks and cash and property can perish over time.

Jewels have a universal value attached to it while many other things are understood, interpreted and valued differently according to the culture and the laws of the land. For instance, diamonds and gold, anywhere in the world, will be considered as expensive goods. Jewelry not only holds a monetary value but at the same time holds sentimental and artistic values to it, and most importantly a person can enjoy and flaunt their jewels while owning them. It is a beautiful way to express affection and emotions without uttering a single word. These beautiful ornaments speak volumes and volumes about their owner.

A diamond ring could be a promise of eternal love, while a ruby pendent could represent the unspoken promises of passion and devotion. Many people find it hard to express their love for someone special to them and jewelry is a perfect way to say all the things that words cannot and to leave a little piece of you behind with your loved ones. A piece of jewelry can signify many things such as a promise, a plea, an apology or your show of love. It is a gesture, a token of affection. A piece of jewelry can represent a story of a life time, contain cherished memories of the past, a reminder of a long forgotten lover; the round pendent still warm from his touch! It can evoke emotions and take you away to a different world where nothing exists but you and your treasured memories. As they say ‘Diamonds are forever!’ and they are. They truly are!